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  • Zhejiang greenland textile technology co., Ltd. was founded in 1989 in the Wenzhou Industrial Park in Wenzhou city. It is a big private manufacturer with production of dyeing, printing and finishing. It has a large market share of weaved fabric and enjoy good reputation in Zhejiang province. Then our role change from Manufacturer to Manufacturing & Trading company to expand our fabric business.

    The implementation of the industry standard for the brand cultivation management system in the textile industry

    How can we effectively do marketing, consolidate and expand the market, and truly promote the development of dye enterprises? At present, some of the dye companies are keen on the overall market layout, keen to do the national market and even overseas markets, the limited resources as well as the spread of pepper to the country

    2014 China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia exhibition grand opening

    This is a wounded industry, because the head of the high energy consumption, high pollution "hat, like a bad guy". Can be in fact, relative to the paper industry, printing and dyeing sewage volume is not so large, chemical oxygen demand emissions of industrial emissions

    Congratulations to Zhejiang gelinlan printing and dyeing company website opened smoothly

    The exhibition "gathered, Hwan" dyed "new" as its theme, the exhibition a total area of 30000 square meters, has attracted from 550 companies in 14 countries and regions participating enthusiastically, covering all kinds of advanced environment-friendly dyes, organic pigments, additives, intermediates and equipment environmental protection equipment

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